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How to see through your Android smartphone the forgotten password on WiFi


How to see the forgotten password on WiFi through your Android phone

Today almost every coffee shop, mall, college … has its own WiFi network, and because we live in a time when hardly anyone will wait more than 3-4 hours to check your Facebook or Twitter account, often hanging up on any of those networks . Given that we can not remember passwords every bar where we were sitting, and it will need some work, or your friend wants to connect to the internet, we found interesting ways How to Get Password.


First, you need to download Root Browser Lite , this application for Android is available on Google Play. After you download, Once downloaded, open up the app and head into the data folder, as seen below.

root browser lite screen shoot 1


From here you will need to head into the misc folder,

root browser lite screen shoot misc

then go to Wifi folder

root browser lite screen shoot wifi

 and open filemiscwifiwpa_supplicant.conf file with one of your favorite text editors. It entered all the networks that have connected with all their information, along with their security mechanism and password if applicable.

root browser lite screen shoot 2

Android device should be routed. That’s it all you have do to, now you have all wifi network password you have visited.