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How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

facebook hacked profile

Worse case scenario

If you are late and the hacker managed to change the password, it will prevent you from log into your Facebook account, so you have many options – you have to inform tech support in Facebook that your Facebook account has been compromised.  It can be done through Facebook page for reporting such cases “My Account Is Compromised“. The system will ask you to identify yourself by writing or e-mail address, telephone number or user name with which you log on, or any of your friends.  Follow the instructions that will give Facebook Social Network to restore control over your account . The whole process can take anywhere from several minutes to several days depending on how busy Facebook technical support is. When you restore control over your account, immediately change your password , then check what was posted on your account and if there is anything that should not be there . Check messages and installed applications . It can do so through option Apps and Websites that is part of privacy and check what applications are used. If any suspicious application is there, delete it and do not forget to tell your friends about what happened.

facebook user profile hack

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