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How to protect yourself against online Internet Fraud, Scams and Spam

Internet Computer Fraud

More people are discovering the Internet as the ideal place to buy. Avoiding large crowds and shopping centers, as well as savings in time are the main advantages of this way of buying and the digital age, the need for data protection has never been more essential. How to protect yourself against online Internet fraud, Scams and spam.

Increase Awareness for Online Internet Fraud Detection

Here are some tips to protect yourself online on Internet :

1. Check company from which you buy.
Work only with companies who already know or who you heard from your friends. Look up company data on the site of the Central Registry to see if registered as running.

2. Good offer usually look really amazing.
Check what are the terms of delivery and return of commission. When ordering a free sample, note the obligatory hidden fees. Be especially careful when checking the conditions in footnote marked with asterisks and other conditions written in small letters.

3. Do not pay in advance and Check if web site has a certificate.
Never  pay in advance, because if something happens, the money will not get back. Check the site offers secure payment, concerned whether the bottom of the reader has a lock or padlock, as well as whether the website starts with “https://” which mean that web site has a certificate.

Internet Online Fraud pay

4. Check for web sites that do not remain hidden.
Online point of sale in the EU must include the identity of the trader, address, email, payment, delivery, minimum duration of the contract for the provision of services and the period for which you can change your mind and return goods without explanation.

5. Ignore Spam e-mail messages.
Ignore unknown email, so called spam. Do not send personal data of their finances through email and DO NOT open suspicious attachments. Legitimate companies will never ask from you confidential data.


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