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How to make Custom run command shortcut-run any application from Windows XP,Windows 7 and Windows 8


It is very useful option to open any applications you want on shortest possible way, just using your keyboard, not moving your mouse pointer around the desktop, and search for applications shortcut icon. One of the way is to use run command ( which you can also start with keyboard shortcut Windows Logo Key + R ),and type something that will represent shortcut to your application.

In this tutorial I will show you one simple way to do this.

First you must create shortcut, let’s say on your desktop. Just right click on desktop , select new – shortcut.


In the create shortcut dialog box browse to the application location path that you want to use with your shortcut, select .exe file , in this example I use shortcut for internet explorer ( which path is displayed on the image bellow ), but you can use any application you want.


Then click next and name the shortcut ( I prefer to named it shortest possible – but must be unique name, because, this is the name you will type in the run command window ), in this case I named shortcut as IE, and click finish.


Next step is to copy this shortcut in the c:\windows folder ( You must use administrator account ( or account with administrator privileges) to copy files in c:\windows directory.


And that is all, now start run command windowtype the nema of the shortcut IE, or just type name of the shortcut in the search field in Windows 7 and Windows 8, ( in this example IE ) hit enter and your application will open.

If you frequently use your keyboard, this is very efficient way to customize your most use applications, and start them as quickly as possible.

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