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How to handle with cookies in web browsers

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No matter which Internet Browser you use, you have the option to view the cookies that are installed, to delete some of them or to block installing those that come from third party marketing web sites.


To view or eventually to delete installed cookies go to the options menu, chose Under the Bonnet or Under the Hood , and in the content settings choose all cookies and site data.


Mozilla Firefox

Open from the menu ToolsOptions and chose Privacy tab . Here click on Show cookies. In this windows you can review cookies by name, you can get detailed information about any cookie and to delete those you think that is not needed. To protect yourself from unauthorized installation of cookies , go to Options, than in the Privacy menu and choose  Use Custom settings for history from drop down menu. Deselect option Accept third-party cookies.


Internet Explorer

To preview cookies that are recorded on Internet Explorer 9, click on icon for tools in right corner and than click on Internet Options, click on General, than in part Browsing History on button Settings. Choose View Files and with right mouse click sort cookies by type. IE9 allows you to preview and delete cookies by pages they come from.
Open some web site and pres button F12 on keyboard. Than in Developer tools panel go to Cache and here select option View cookies information or Clear cookies for domain.
It seem that Internet Explorer is gone furthest in handling with cookies and in version IE9 they  are managed automatically. Open Internet Options, click on tab Privacy and manage the settings using the slider  . For advanced settings click on tab Advanced and manually choose which cookies to be accepted.