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How to filter the Facebook chat-organize friends into lists


How to filter the Facebook chat-organize friends into lists

The problem with Facebook chat is what we use to talk to a few friends, but not all online friends. Therefore there is an option to filter the chat and let only people with whom you chat.

With this option you can filter your friends into as many categories as you want .  Of course you need to log on to your Facebook profile.


First you need to do is go to Account -> Edit Friends. There you will see all your Facebook friends. There you will find the option to create a list -> Create New List. With this option you can organize friends into lists, by simply selecting the some friends and giving the name of the list you get a group of friends associated with  school, work, family etc. …



That list you can use for chat. Open the chat and you will see the Friend List option. There are organized into your lists. Select the list with friends who often chat and it will appear in separate chat, the standard list of all online friends.


Now click the Go Offline button (right of Other Friends) and extinguished the original chat, and leave a personalized list included. Now you have chat where you listed closest friends, not all 100, 200 or 1.000 Facebook friends.


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