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How to create a Restore point in Windows 7

Restore Point

System Restore in Windows 7

Maybe sometimes you will be face with situation that your operating system crash down, and you can not boot your system normally. It can happen because of corrupt system files, viruses, or something else. To prevent, or maybe to have remedy for that kind of problem, maybe is better to create Restore Point. And if that crash happen, you can revert your system in earlier point in time, when your system were good.

If you want to create a Restore Point before installing a program to get you to the potential problems could return to the old situation, do the following:
START => in the Search field, type  “create restore point”. Click the  found option.

Create Restore Point

Opens the dialog window where you click on System Protection, that click  ”Create”

System Protection Properties

In the next dialog box, type a meaningful name, something close to the situation.

Restore Point

Wait for the creation of the restore point to complete

 creating a restore point




restore point created

And then you successful create Restore point, that you can use some another time ( I hope you would not have that situation ).


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