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How to configure Alternate IP address in Windows 7 and what is serving for

Alternate IP Address configuration Image

Many times computer stuff need to set Alternate IP address. So here will talk about How to configure Alternate IP address in Windows 7 and what is serving for. Alternate IP Address – What Is serving for? An alternate IP address is the address that is specified manually on a client computer, and serving  as a reserve IP address for computers that receives IP address from the DHCP server. When client computer does not receive IP address from DHCP server, than it use alternate IP address settings, to communicate with computers that have IP addressing settings in that subnet, that is configured in alternate IP address pane.

How Alternate IP Address Is Used?

When a Windows 7  computer is configured to receive IP address automatically from the DHCP server, when it starts, it sends a broadcast packet to discover the DHCP server, if DHCP server receive that request, DHCP  server offer IP address that is available for offering, client receive IP address and send acknowledge respond to the DHCP server that IP address is received. In case that DHCP server does not have available IP addresses in its pool, or DHCP server is not available ( service is stopped, DHCP server is shutdown, or in some way disconnected from network) , then client computer ( if Alternate IP address is not set up ) receive APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) address ( some IP address range is through ).  When this happens, and if administrators have specified an alternate IP address in the client computer, the client computer starts using the alternate IP address instead of APIPA address.

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