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How to activate the new design of Gmail


How to activate the new design of Gmail

Over the last month, Google announced a new design, or improved organization of e-mails of Gmail. Redesign of the most widely used email service, Gmail applies to tabs in which categorized all incoming mail, so from now you can have a separate tab for personal emails, promotions, forums / mailing lists etc..

Also got a redesign and web version for Android and iOS application, so the same settings from the web you can feel and mobile platforms. The categories in which you can organize emails are limited to five.

As for changes, there is a new opportunity for viewing and grouping emails into categories that are now displayed as tabs at the top of the list of emails. In addition to the primary tab, Google assigns your emails and the Social (from friends you have on Google+), Promotions and Google Updates. Of course, users themselves can create new categories and edit existing.


This change is not yet available to all users, but it is way premature to be activated. To do this, click on the Settings button which is located right above the list of emails and select the option “Configure Inbox“.


Once you open a window with options for tabs, you can select which tabs you want to receive your email. Currently Google offer predefined tabs, but the future certainly would offer users themselves create tabs and group mails.


NOTE: For users who do not appreciate tabs at any time to return to the classic review of e-mails. The first thing you’ll notice is that your “multiple inbox” view is gone. Your emails are sorted by tabs, but you can’t sub-sort those views by Starred, Unread, or Important anymore. It’s one or the other. If you want to get the old view back, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Gmail’s settings and go to the Inbox tab.
  2. Next to “Inbox type” open the drop down and select Any option besides “Default.”
  3. Rearrange your inbox sections as you desire.