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Home Page (iGoogle, MyYahoo, NetVibes…) and RSS services ( Google Reader, BlogLines, Feedly … )


Home Page (iGoogle, MyYahoo, NetVibes…)

Netvibes.com – Perhaps the best example of service which offers only one side. From there you can check email, check weather forecast, read the latest news from your favorite sources, interact through popular IM clients (gTalk, MSN, etc.) with your friends, even follow the action of your favorite social networks ( FacebookMySpace). .


The software is a multi-lingual Ajax-based start page or web portal. It is organized into tabs, with each tab containing user-defined modules. Built-in Netvibes modules include an RSS feed reader, a calendar supporting iCal , local weather forecasts,notes, bookmarks, multiple searches,to-do lists, support for POP3, IMAP4 email, and several webmail  providers including Gmail, Hotmail ,Yahoo! Mail,, and Box.net,AOL Mail web storage.

iGoogle.com – The biggest search engine in the world has its starting page. Probably most of you use it without much thinking about it. Provides support for a number of accessories, options for Advanced searching , and of course, great work with other services from the rich range of products on Google ( like Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and many more ), it is enough to visit the web page, with no comment.

iGoogle home page

iGoogle is a service of Google, is a customizable Ajax-based start page or personal web portal (much like Netvibes, My Yahoo ). Its features include the capability to add web feeds a “Google Personalized Homepage” to “iGoogle“. Google created the left sidebar feature to compress the size of the gadgets users want to have. Also to accommodate young chat users who are not interested in different features such as news, sports, weather, financial, etc.

MyYahoo.com – Number of Yahoo Mail users is large, there is a good sense for them  to use this additional service Yahoo as simply satisfying basic needs. Maybe not on the level of some of the others, but if you’re already there, why would shifted elsewhere.

MyYahoo home page

This service enables users to combine their favorite Yahoo features, feeds and information onto a single page. The ordinary Yahoo homepage is a typical homepage of a search engine that allows you to search keywords and have access to the daily news and activities. Yahoo homepage is standard and similar to other search engines except for the Favorites feature, that you can personalize with links to your favorite content. User have a great customizable experience with Yahoo by allowing him to combine their favorite parts of Yahoo and the web all in one place. There are some features that you can customize with the homepage in the sense that you can change the background. Also offer how much content you can view in each tab. MyYahoo was created to allow users a chance to have their very own homepage with content that they are interested in. User can choose what he or she want to include but not limited to: mail, news, weather, photos, blogs, stock prices, sports scores, TV schedules, and many more.

Protopage.com – One of the first and completely based Ajax, which means no limits. You can set how you want modules to change the color, size and position. Because it usually refers to it as the most beautiful in the company.

Protopage home page

The design offers color-coded tabs and categories to organize information, a news reader, an video and audio podcast function, the option to add cartoons, and a selection of widgets, which can be dragged onto the desktop, re-sized and arranged. It is highly customizable and has been described as simple to use.

RSS Rich Site Summary services

Bloglines.com and Google Reader – Most used online RSS readers. Each with their own advantages, but still very similar. Google recognizable by its complexity, but simple interface, Bloglines  with longer experience and stability. Whoever you choose, you won’t be wrong. Today, every second is important, and RSS reader will save you more than one.

BlogLines RSS reader


Reddit - Another incredibly popular social news voting site is Reddit, which boasts billions of monthly views. Reddit has subreddits for pretty much any topic and subject you can think of. You can take any subreddit and make it an RSS feed? Simply add .rss at the end of the URL (reddit.com/r/webhosting/.rss) and There you go!

Feedly – It’s one of the most popular cloud-based RSS feeds. They just upgraded their bandwidth and added new servers to account for the new influx of users. Feedly has been working on a Google Reader API clone called Normandy. Feedly will “seamlessly transition” to Normandy’s back end.

Freedly RSS

Feedly is available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Flipboard – It has the most beautiful interface for any RSS feed. Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android ( no desktop or web version), this application looks like a social magazine, where you can view the latest news and your social media news feeds, all in one location.