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Here comes WINDOWS 10-How Will it look like and how to download WINDOWS 10?

Windows 10 presentation first screen feature logo

In Windows 10 users can activate windows with four active applications or programs on the desktop for a larger degree of multitasking  and this option will be a great fit in the version of the system designed for tablets.  ”Windows 10 will work on a wide range of products. Specially made experience for each device. There will be a universal approach to writing applications, in which applications are discovered and purchased upgraded all of these devices, “said Terry Myers from Microsoft.”

The new concept is called Universal apps and its functionality was borrowed from Windows tablets. When it comes to “Windows 10″, the company will return to some traditional ways to get things done and promises that he will be familiar to users regardless of which version to use at the moment. For example, the start menu will be similar to “Windows 7″, but cubes that open despite it being located in “Windows 8″.

Windows 10 multi apps screen

The idea of Microsoft again remains the same, an operating system for a range of products: from phones and tablet computers up to Xbox and desktop, Microsoft announces devices connected to the coming “Internet of things” and new servers. With Windows 10 expected more integration of all software services unified database applications and better synchronization with mobile devices.

Windows 10 will be available for download in mid-2015, and for users of Windows 8 will probably be free.

How to download “Windows 10″?

The new operating system comes out in mid 2015. However, the demo version will be available for download already today (October 1).
To download Windows 10 Technical Preview Go HERE .

As for Windows 9, one of the best news is that users of Windows 8 / 8.1 can upgrade for free systems

Windows 10 Presentation VIDEO

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