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Android Secret Codes and Tips For Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and other Android devices

Android Hidden Secret Codes

Popular practice among programmers is to leave some backdoors within the code. Which will allow someone with knowledge about that issue to get into  the system much deeper than ordinary user of the device. These backdoors allow the Programmer or OEM to get into the system for some system information, or for troubleshooting. These option can be very helpful if you know what you are doing. Smartphones, especially Phones with Android also have some secret Codes for some troubleshooting purpose. Smartphones like Samsung,  HTC, Sony, LG and other Android devices have secret codes. These numeric and symbolic sequences allow you to access hidden menus, diagnostics, test, options that could change most basic parameters of device.

Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5, the new concepts will leave you speechless

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony xperia Z2

Both Samsung and Sony will present its next generation of leaders Android smartphones very soon. These smartphones will be called Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5, although these companies are likely to change the names of the devices in the last minute.However, Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5, the new concepts will leave you speechless.

Smarty Ring Gadget-control your Smartphone on your finger

smarty ring feature

Imagine a ring that you get messages on it, get notifications and get status posts from social networks status , listen to music, and even receive calls. And, available for $ 175. In case you want to own such a smart ring, you can order online, but must wait until April 2014.  You think that’s funny?  Well maybe you’re right. But we found a useful application of such gadgets. For Example, It will remind him of important dates, especially on important anniversaries  :) .  Especially effective for users that look at their phones every 6-10 minutes. That is many times users look at phone daily. This Smarty Ring ( smartyring.com ) saves time at looking at as well as battery life.

Microsoft Surface 2-new Tablet thinner and lighter


Microsoft unveiled new Surface 2 tablet computer that was announced as a complete improvement over its predecessor, and it provides a huge space for storing data in the cloud. The price of the new tablet starts from $ 499, and it gets a 1080p screen, thinner and lighter design, and 25 percent stronger battery due to which the device can be used for more than 12 hours during the day. Tablet has improved WiFi speed, and comes with USB 3.0 and microSD ports.

Amazing Transparent Windows Phone Concept

Transparent Window Phone concept

Weather bureau is often with in-accurate prognosis. They say it will rain, but , it will be sunny. Maybe they will need some gadget that will help them with weather predictions. This king of gadget ( Smartphone ) could be “Windows Phone” new concept, that makes accurate weather predictions, changing display to reflect the climatic outdoors conditions. 

New iPad 5 – smaller size, same screen, release date, news, rumors


Apple next week will present the new generation of iPhone , and the big dilemma is whether that date will occur and some surprise. While Waiting promotion, videos appeared that  show the layout of the next generation of tablet iPad 5 computers by Apple.

iPhone 5C + iPhone 5S-announced by Apple


Apple came out with the seventh and eighth version of its smartphone, iPhone 5C (cheaper version ) and iPhone 5S (advanced version). And, yes, there is scanner for fingerprint.
Although cheaper, from Apple claim that iPhone 5C was well made​​, it has five colors, comes with 4-inch screen, runs on Apples A6 processor, has stronger battery and 8MP camera. This starts selling price of $ 99.