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Hacking techniques-Most Used



If it were not tragic, all of us will smile on the all of that strong secure systems, which fall like a apple from tree, by old and good known hack attack  techniques. From LulzSec and Anonymous we did not see something new neither the original. Techniques which were used are ten year old, and really is embarrassing  to see how vulnerable are great world corporations and government institutions.

In the next few lines shortly about that which hacking techniques were used:


DDos is short from Distributed Denial of Service, which represent attack  which disables  or make it difficult working of some internet service. Purpose of this attacks is not  taking valuable information, but simple same internet services to make it unavailable certain time interval . There are techniques and knowledge to stop this kind of attacks.

Introducing to you a more clear view how it looks like when a system function (eg Logging loading certain webpages) before DDoS attack, and after DDoS attack, see the following videos:

Logstalgia – Website Access Log Visualization

When in normal mode

DDoS on the VideoLAN downloads infrastructure 


SQL Injection is technique which writes SQL query in the URL link through which one can access the database directly and make changes. This can be happen in situations when in the  web page are left security holes, or to check parameters before execution. One of the best examples of SQL Injection is comic book little-booby-tables which has shown on xkcd.com.


XSS is short of Cross Site Scripting,  vulnerability which allows inserting  a script in the code, which will execute with action by visitor on certain web page. This is one of the most common ways of Phishing, in which users  think that they are on secure web page, and with no doubt leave their personal data. This problem is especially present in Web 2.0 where users send content, and owner keep profit. But users can be advanced in computer skills and hostile to the owner of the web page, and to surprise them with inserting unwanted content on the page.


It is about service that is escorted with auxiliary desktop application on which you can simply paste any text. Text can be private or public, and on public text you can invite friends to follow what you doing and to leave comment. During  generation of bin, link is creating which you can simply send to all who are interesting, instead sending all text. This service is typical   example that from simply action, like copy – paste can be done trough art.

TOR – how ANONYMOUS stay anonymous

For long time there are services  trough which you can access anonymous  to rare content , but rare are does that really offer anonymous till the end. Such service is Tor  (http://torproject.org ), which use greatest hackers and largest corporations. Originally design for US Navy, this service has wide application. It function like network of virtual tunnels trough which is impossible   to track users activities. Excellent protection from marketing tools which follows users habits and of course  good way to transferring sensitive information trough public networks.

Bitcoin – Modern Age currency

Each activity with self cares some expenses. When hackers attacks with purpose to earn, they usually capitalize and covers there expenses. But when you have group that function by Robin Hood principle, normally expenses are covered by donations. When these donations would go through standard banks transactions, they will be quickly recognized and stopped. This on the scene comes digital currency Bitcoin ( www.bitcoin.org ). Name comes from Bitcoin application which allows using currency to all p2p network of users. These currency is not controlled by any central bank, but is software algorithm,  the transaction has no provision and there are no evidence of transaction. This allows anonymous trading which can’t be controlled by any state department or authority.