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How to Hack-Reset Windows7 password without any software

Windows7 password hacked

How to Hack-Reset Windows7 password without any software

Yes, you heard very good. Even I did not know Windows 7 administrator password, it is a way to hack it with no software at all. We will use sticky keys options to do that, when we are on Windows logon screen.

We will force to turn it of computer, to simulate and to force Windows to go to Repair mode, and after repairing process is done, system will figure out that it is nothing to repair, and it will show the message that repair process is done, will show as to view error report log, we will click on it, it will open in notepad, after that we will click on file options on notepad, then open, in file type instead .txt we will select all files, and we have system open (we can see hard disk partition), browse to system partition – windows – system32, rename sethc.exe to something else (this is .exe file which controls sticky keys ) , then copy cmd.exe , and rename that copy as sethc.exe. Close the notepad, restart windows.

When windows restart, on logon screen, hit 6-7 times shift key on aside, and instead of sticky keys it will open command prompt. Now we have full permissions on the system. Type command net user “user name” * and type and confirm different password. After that you can logon on Windows 7. To be more clearly watch this video:


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