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Google Translate – Mighty Service in Practice

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Google Translate – Mighty Service in Practice

Ability to communicate in several languages ​​is determined by the particular course (or faculty) for learning a language, or at least the initiative for independent learning a language through various resources. However, today there is a special tool for this purpose and is free to use thanks to Google.

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Google Translate provides more opportunities and solutions to enrich our vocabulary and in several languages​​. In addition you can find the www.translate.google.com where we use the known methods of translation, the text that follows will consider all useful and usable examples using automated translator in practice.

Regular way of translating content from one language to another is done by visiting the online service By Google and Inserting a copied text or simply typing in the text box stating the original language. The text immediately translated into the selected language in the right side and have immediate results of Google translation web-service.

google translate example

google translate web site


after google translate web site

Also if you want to translate the whole website then Inserting text field for inserting the URL path of the web page (eg www.itadvicex.com) and click the translate button, and then you can click on URL link of the web site you want to translate.

This most users might know, but now there are opportunities for more flexible use of Google Translate service in the Internet browser.

Google Toolbar

One of many examples is the use of Google toolbar plugin for Internet Explorer or Firefox. It can have a direct use Google Chrome internet browser. Support for Google toolbar plugin is broken for the new versions of Firefox ( still can be found on external web sites to download for older versions of Firefox), while support for google toolbar for Internet  Explorer still active and can be downloaded from Google web site .

google toolbar

But this accessory but provides some advantages in the use of most services from Google has an interesting collaboration directly with the page you are viewing. We provide real-time translated segments of a web-page or selected parts of the same text. If Google Toolbar is too advanced for some tastes, then warmly recommend “bookmark” button (http://translate.google.com/translate_buttons) with the selected language. Drag and drop the links of favorite languages to bookmarks tab ​​and the story is over. For any web page you visit in the moment, just click the button and the page is translated to that language.

Google translate browser buttons

google translate buttons drag to bookmarks bar

Translation of documents

There are several ways to use Google Translate for translating documents. For all the familiar Office files that are attached to the attachment point for documents, Google Translate us immediately submit the translated copy, known format of text documents are supported: PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS or RTF. Moreover there are expanding opportunities for manipulation and editing of the translation of the document.

Google Translator Toolkit is a service that we use the same user profile that applies to all Google services and web-applications, like gmail etc.. Provides a simple user interface where you have a list of documents that are attached to a translation . If you have some understanding of the language in which they translate, then you can do intervention directly in the translation. This set of tools allows such intervention, and also by helping to improve the understanding between the two languages​​. Besides the updating documents, enabling the creation of a document from a site in a given language. If you want to translate any web-page to enter the same URL link and Google Translator Toolkit us create a document containing its translated version.

By the same service we can share documents with other people and to work on improving the translation. The service provides several ways to edit the text content, but do not expect many opportunities for translation.

Translated Search

This is one of the most interesting ways to use the Google translation tools. Access to Language tools has www.google.com directly to the input terms. It does not redirect to another page where you can select a language. Once we have selected, you can now select few languages ​​that we want to see results. Subscribed word search and simultaneous translation of web-pages that we have received a proposal from Google how something fantastic. The results can be from anywhere in the world, the local language and we have the luxury it to understand the ways language. If you want to find something, but the results you get are some languages ​​that do not understand. Language tool will allow us all to get already translated into our language. We recorded what we want to find, select several languages ​​and work is completed. Besides the original term translated into selected languages ​​Google I present the results of my language, and as these web-sites are originally French, Italian, Indian, etc.

Sound Translation

A major step forward for this service, which can only be applauded on Google. This was introduced as a technology that Google will read the letters and you can put together the sound of sentence letters. But it quickly spread to gTalk, because many people experimented directly there that made ​​Google to insert sound recognition of text anywhere in Google services. It expanded so that the last time we see Android App and iPhone App that can work as a universal translator with direct interlocutor. If you saw Star Trek this will seem like a dream come true. Record our voice by saying that we want to say using the microphone of the phone’s software application and just choose the language you want it translated to hear. Results and we have now and we tune translated sound recording to speak for us, a voice message telling you to our correspondent on his language.

Google translate sound translation

These apps have been tested and put into use for most Android OS and iPhone iOS. Imagine how many opportunities open this kind of communication. You have not studied a language, and you can safely and fairly understandable to interact on any level with your interlocutors.

Inserting these capabilities for translating Google proves his consistency and innovation. The language barrier is a concept as it begins to slowly fades away and coming era when everyone will be able to understand each other. Certainly there are not that mentioned the details of this translation service offered by Google, but you is free to explore, test and trying to use the benefits of this service.