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Google New feature in Gmail service to send messages to users on Google+

gmail via google+ new message option

Google New feature in Gmail service to send messages to users on Google+, even if you don’t know them. Google introduced a new service opportunity in the e- mail that Gmail users of the social network Google+ allows you to send messages to those users who do not know. The option will be activated for a few days , and Google wants to allow all users of Google+ to send email to any user of Gmail which is also on Google+, and even those who do not know .E-mail address won’t be visible to google+ connections, until you send e-mail, and their e-mail addresses will not be visible to you until they respond to you by e-mail. Another thing is that if you receive an e-mail message from someone that is not in your circles, this e-mail message will be filtered into the category-Social in your inbox. And only if you add them to your circles, he or she can start conversation with you.

Despite the fact that the sender can see your email only if you reply to the message , but the move sparked a series of reactions among users .

gmail new message google+
Google will notify customers of the change via email. If you want to disable this feature , enter the General tab in Gmail Settings , and select the option No One section Email via Google+.

Gmail settings General

Don’t forget to click Save Changes on the bottom of the Settings Option Screen.

Gmail settings General email via google+

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