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Google funniest Tricks you need to see

google tricks features

Here will be presented Google funniest tricks you need to see, and also try. Google has many useful  search features and also interesting tips and tricks , but there is always something new that this powerful search engine has to offer. But let’s start from somewhere.

For start write in google search : atari breakout

google search atari breakout

and you can play famous classic game …

When you type “google in 1998″ in google search field , will show version of google search interface in 1998:

google in 1998

In google search type “do a barrel roll”

google do a barrel roll

and Google does a barrell roll.

If you go to the Legoland California on Google Maps
the street view pegman becomes a Legoman.

google maps street view legoman

And if you go to the Kennedy Space Center…

pegman becomes an Astronaut.

google maps street view astronaut

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