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Google+ Auto Awesome new feature-will make your photos with sparkles and snowflakes

Google Plus Sparkling Effect Auto Awesome

Google + already doing amazing things with photos, such as color balance, merging panoramas and creating  GIF images. By yesterday, the social network offers two new features that are inspired by the following holidays. Since  yesterday, anyone who will upload a photography with something shines on it – Lights, Christmas tree or  sky with stars ,will get an animated version of the photo that “Google +” will automatically do.

The subject of the photo that contain shine light source  with new Auto Awesome feature of “Google” will be converted into GIF image that sparkle .

Google Plus Sparkling Effect

In addition, if you make photos with a lot of snow on them, “Google +” will do “GIF” from that picture that show effect “snow falling from the sky”.

 Google Plus Snow Effect Awesome

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