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GOOGLE Advanced Internet Browsing–Reloaded

google advanced searching

2 –  Don’t ask Google questions, but think about how an answer would be phrased.

Search tips about this: filetype: (Searches only results of the file type you designate. Can use for pdf,doc,jpg, etc), intitle: (Only shows results with that word in the title.

Example: filetype:pdf airoplane speed intitle:velocity

3 –  Search for person and search related with person – Tips are:

Author: (This will search for terms related with that person, not terms related with only it’s first name.

“ “ ( For more specific results, you can put the authors full name or initials in quotes)

Exampleauthor: Stanislaw Lem “solaris” ( will show book “Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem )

Definitions – Good for quick word definitions. Just put define: in front of the word you want. ( Example: define:basketball )

Calculator – For quick math problems, don’t worry about opening your calc.exe application. Just type the equation into Google using +,-, *, / and parentheses for basic math functions. ( Example: type  (3*2)/5+23-1 in Google search field, hit enter and google will give the result)

Unit ConverterEasy unit conversion. Just type what you are looking for in sentence with the units you want. ( Example: 32 pounds in kilograms )

Keyboard shortcuts – 85 % of the user on the internet don’t know how to use Control + F to find items on the page. If you are one of those 85% , this is for you. The most important keyboard shortcut for research, press keys Control + F when looking something at any web page, type the word you trying to find, hit Enter and all instances of the word are highlighted for you.

Zoom In/Out – Sometimes online PDF documents are with small letters to read. Just hit Control + (+)/(-) if you want to zoom in or zoom out.

Select the Address Bar – Doing rapid Google search in a number of tabs can be heavy to manage. Instead of mousing up to the address bas every time, just hit Control + L and address tab is already selected.

Cycle Apps or Internet tabs –Use Control + tab to cycle trough applications or trough the Internet tabs in one browsing session.

This are more significant operations that you can give to Google search engine and to get specific results. As for other possibilities and commands you can visit www.google.com/support/websearch where in detail are presented options that offer Google internet searching.