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GOOGLE Advanced Internet Browsing–Reloaded

google advanced searching

Google – Fu ( mastership of browsing ). It is no difficult to query Google, the problem often is to find what you need. All skill lies in several tricks and rules for writing to memorize. In the previous article we talk about possibilities that Google has , for advanced searching trough internet. Here we continue to review tips and tricks how to get maximum from internet browsing using Google search engine. Option with language, for example, allows us to write words on our language, and searching will give us results on our language. If we want to get results from some country, or any part of the world, then we choose desired region. Date is one of the favorite possibilities that offer Google advanced searching. With date we reduce time range of the results and we can get information from last month, week or year.



Similar Internet sites concerns on complete internet sites that have similar themes and content, for Example: related:www.askmen.com. With these command Google will give us list of web sites that has similar content with web site www.askmen.com.

Search terms called “operators” can help you to get far more specific results, not only using only generic search terms. Most useful of them are follow. Let’s see hot to Google It:

1 – Operatorssite: (Only searches the pages of that site), “ “ ( Searches for the exact phrase, not words separately), -  (Excludes this term from the search) , ~ ( Will also search related words ), .. ( Shows all results from within the designated time range).

Example: site:www.nba.com [~guard][“best score”][-shooting guard][2008..2012]

First search – will show guards that plays in NBA, Second search – will show guard who is best scorer,Third search– will exclude shooting guard,(only show point guard ), Fourth search – will show best scoring point guard between year 2008 and 2012.