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Facebook Launches new Trending Feature that finds the most popular Topics

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Facebook is following the Twitter footsteps, will soon introduce a feature that will be available to all users. Facebook Launches new Trending Feature that finds the most popular Topics, so they will be able to see which topics are most talk about of the social network . This new Facebook feature is still not available to all customers . Suggested topics that are most talked on the social network will take into account the personal interests of a particular user . 

When you click on a particular topic , the link will take you to another page that are relevant announcements and news related to the topic. Facebook announced the right side of timeline displays threads in trend , using a new tool that will be the name displayed Trending. The current Most talking about topics of Facebook users will be presented bellow the space that shows birthdays of your friends and upcoming events .

Facebook trending feature

For every trend there will be shown a brief description with a link that when clicked , display and publish all entries associated with that term.

Thus from the company take another chance on their rival Twitter, after hashtags , trace ability and so on. Trending recently become available for certain  users who tested . Obviously proved to be a good option , so you will see and live. This feature works with algorithm that will recognize the rapidly growing popularity of certain topics. List that appears is personalized based on the users’ interests and what’s popular on Facebook.

For now it was not planned for promotional content. The option for users from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India and Australia will already begin to show in the coming weeks.  Looking forward to see how it turned out for them, as users of English.

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