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Encrypt your emails with Secure Gmail for Chrome


Encrypt your emails with Secure Gmail for Chrome

Today it is more difficult to guard your privacy when exchanging content online. I’m sure you do not want your message to be read from companies, governments or a third application that is associated with your account, but only by the recipient. For this purpose, there is an extension for Chrome that will protect your message from stealing.




SecureGmail is a Chrome extension that encrypts and decrypts emails sent through Gmail. It is running on your machine, and messages can not be read by Google or other applications that you have linked to your Google account. The password required for the recipient to read the encrypted message is generated by the sender and receiver that receives a message must know it.


The extension can be downloaded from here, and after you install the send button will display an additional icon with padlock through which messages are sent unencrypted. When sending encrypted message is entered password to decrypt the content.