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Emulate Android on your desktop computer with Andy










How to install and use Andy?

First you need to download Andy, it may take some time, because  application is 344Mb large  , then follow the steps.

  • Download Andy From their official page http://www.andyroid.net;
  • Install Andy following the install wizard steps ;
  • Subscribe to Andy using your Google account;
  • Register at 1ClickSync service using your Google account to allow synchronization between your computer and Android smartphone;
  • Download and install Andy Remote Control APK file ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/72yf3lw6f0cprwq/android.apk  ) on your smartphone so you can control your phone with the emulator.

The last step is especially important for games or applications that require the accelerometer or touch screen to be able to function. The application is not yet available in Google Play Store, but you can download from Dropbox.  This is not the first Android emulator which appeared on the market, and so far the best solution was BlueStack. The main advantage of Andy regarding BlueStack e it gives you access to all Google Play applications, and thus fully Android experience.

Below you can see a comparison of some of the most used tools for emulation on Android.

Andy-Android emulator compare chart


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