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Emulate Android on your desktop computer with Andy


There are countless reasons why you’d used the Android emulator. You might want to test this ANDROID OS if you are a user of iOS or Windows Phone, or you are not sure whether to install the new version of Android on your mobile device so you want to try. Even simply want to play a game on a larger screen, now Andy can offer it all. So you can now Emulate Android on your desktop computer with Andy. Andy brought down the barrier between desktop and mobile computing, whereas it maintains the user up to date with the latest updates to the Android operating system. The version currently used is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This emulator will allow you unlimited storage capacity, it’s PC and MAC compatible and gives freedom to play the most popular mobile games on your desktop computer.

Emulator is actually  VirtualBox  that works on Android-x86 with additional graphical user interface (GUI). The reasons for this are:

  • Excellent OpenGL support for your hardware;
  • All sensors are connected to the controller;
  • ARM applications work great on x86 platform.

Also one reason that stands out is simple installation and configuration without requiring advanced knowledge of the user.

The minimum system requirements are AMD or Intel Dual-Core CPU that supports virtualization, Windows 7/8.x  x86 or x64, 3GB RAM  and 20GB of Hard Drive free memory.

Andy emulator Android on windows 8

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