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Easy Methods to Hack your Facebook account by Phishing and how to prevent

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There are couple of Easy Methods to Hack your Facebook account by Phishing and how to prevent. Regardless of how the Internet is  interesting and useful, there is always a danger that can give you a headache .  Such is the case with the popular social network Facebook.  Users must be careful about their passwords NOT to be hacked. There is some ways what you must do when this happen, but you must NOT allow this kind of situation. 


The most common way of cracking the password is using a fake version of the page (not only applies to Facebook, you can be any popular Web Page) requesting entry or typing an email and password.  Once the users will enter their data, fake web site saves this information ( user name, password , etc ) in a own database ( hackers database ), and then redirect you to the Real Web Site, telling you that you miss type your user name and password.

fake facebook url link


The hacker installs computer program ( by the way of sending you some attachment , that is some malicious code in the background). that records each keystroke combinations in the form sends data entry. Once get the data, the hacker can easily find the section that password was entered.

Hacking the primary email

If your email with which you created your account on Facebook is cracked , it is very easy to reset your password on Facebook, so that hackers will simply clicked “Forgot password” and will get a new password by e-mail.

There are several ways that are similar to the above, but to defend them, the important thing is to look at the pages you visit – look careful in the URL link in your web browser address bar, do NOT use public computers to log in to your account , or set your Facebook account to get notifications when you log on to Facebook from public or Other computer that you not use often. Go to Facebook settings – Account Security under Account Settings. Here you can set feature that  provides a way to monitor your account logins from any Computers or Mobile Devices. And also be careful when connecting with foreigners that seeking entry via Facebook.


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