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Disk Encryption – Basic Concepts

Drive Encryption

It is also interesting that there are normal and techniques that allow this to be mission impossible. Scientists from Princeton offer several solutions including hardware modifications, or easier way would be software.  Whenever the computer go into sleep like Stand By, drive key to be encrypt with the password.  In this way and remain in RAM memory, the data will be useful to the attacker. On the other hand, the soldier and thus not ideal in terms of what sleep can mean activating the screen saver, so the user must enter the password to continue operating.

The last and simplest solution would be to always have your computer turns off a few minutes before it is physically possible to compromise. All this throws water on labor that companies  invest,  who thought that  deliver to us data protection.  Given how cheap Containers with liquid oxygen, it is recommended that these companies to tackle this issue. Part of the problem is solved ( but not all problems ) with the option to encrypt  the disk drive  in Windows 7 i Windows 8, called BitLocker Drive Encryption   that is a data protection feature available in Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8, and in all editions of Windows Server 2008 R2 ( also recently in Windows Server 2012 ),  using either Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip-only mode ( that al new hardware support it ), which is the weakest protector in the many offered, or required that a computer user ( or in server editions  server  administrator )  be present for each boot with a PIN, password, or USB key.

And remember, do not try this at home! but, since this method of functioning Windows BitLocker, Linux dm-crypt, Filevault of MAC OS X. .. What remains to say except – would be a pity not to be tested.