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Disk Encryption – Basic Concepts

Drive Encryption

Disk Encryption – Basic Concepts.  Encryption is something  that is very little known to ordinary people, if you study computer science, you have already pass this lecture. However,  this topic is not so complicated if you spend a little time reading about this. Contrary to this is the decryption of data, specifically “cracking encrypted data“, which is really popular job due to the inability to produce a universal software for this purpose.

DRAM memory is where data is stored in the time use. What happens to the data if suddenly turn off the computer? Small detail that might not know even advanced users, is the fact that after shutdown computer need some time for data to virtually disappear bit by bit. The different memory chips need different times to clean the data. If we want this process to slow down, simply need to cool chips  ( DRAM ) with liquid oxygen before the computer turned off!

hard disk encryption

In this remaining minutes to read their contents joining the memory chips ( DRAM )  on another computer, you can do almost exact copy of the data.

The theory of encryption is mainly concentrated in the public and private keys that enable encryption and decryption of data.

And as you might have guessed, these keys are stored in RAM memory with the aforementioned method of cooling it ideal cracking procedure. Of course, all of this is complemented by software. Who is he and how the software is not subject to this article, because it is an extensive topic, which can be explored, I’ll just drag you to the fact that the source code, and all research is available to the public by scientists from Princeton University.