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Couple of Useful Linux commands

Linux Command Feature

- Command cd – to toggle between the last two directories

- Command shutdown – Shutdown the system and turn the power off immediately.

shutdown -h now

or Shutdown the system after 10 minutes.

shutdown -h +10

- Command service – Check the status of all the services.

service –status-all

or Restart a service TEST.

service TEST restart

- Command cp – Copy file1 to file2 preserving the mode,ownership and timestamp.

cp -p file1 file2

- Command mv – Rename file1 to file2. if file2 exists, will prompt for confirmation before overwritting it.

mv -i file1 file2

- Command sort – Sort a file in ascending order

sort test1.txt

or Sort a file in descending order

sort -r test1.txt

Tip :  [Tab][Tab] – prints a list of all available commands.

This is just an example of autocomplete with no restriction on the first letter.
Tip: x[Tab][Tab] – prints a list of all available completions for a command, where the beginning is “x

That’s all for now, will be more linux command here, keep read us at www.itadvicex.com

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