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Couple of Useful Linux commands

Linux Command Feature

In this article will show some useful Linux commands. Because the benefits of Linux operating system most of all can be beneficial  using the command line, here will be shown several useful Linux commands, that  should use also and Linux beginners.

Here are couple of useful Linux commands and tips:

- Command ls – list files sorted by size using this command:

ls –lSr

- Command df – view the amount of free disk space in usable format using this command:

df –h

- Command du – To see how much space /test/dir is consuming:

du -sh /test/dir

- Command ps – List all running processes containing the string for example “tech“:

ps aux | grep tech

- Command sudo – If you have ever run a command but forgot to sudo, you can use this to rerun the command:

sudo !!

Tip :  If you put a space before a command or response, it will be omitted from the shell history.

Tip : If you really liked a long command that you just ran, and want to save it as a script, use this trick:

echo “!!” > script.sh

 linux command line

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