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COOL Youtube tricks and features you need to see

youtube tips and tricks

Given the popularity it has as one of the most used online  Video Service, you probably use YouTube daily.  But if you know the tricks that this video service has, it makes it more interesting?  If you want to discover what it is, read this article and you can find COOL  Youtube tricks nad features you need to see, and much interesting and amusing tricks that youtube service offers.

Type in youtube search field “Use the force Luke” and you can move videos using your force ( Mind ), OK, I mean your Mouse! Try this, It’s Cool .

While you watching your video type “1980” ( But Not in the Search Box ) and you can play game ” Missile Command” You must do best you can to protect the video from being destroyed.

Youtube 1980 Missile Command

In Youtube search box , search for / Geek Week , you will get the Geekiest Layout.

youtube geek week

In Youtube search box type “Beam me up Scotty” or “Beam me up “Whatever“”  and results will be transported to you by Teleportation.

Youtube Beam me up Scotty

In video URL at the end of the URL  Add  ”&pow=1&nohtml5=1” ,  and  ”POW”  button will be added to the video. Click the “POW” button to put the video in Comic book mode.

Youtube POW button comic book mode

Search for “doge meme” in search box , and will get links in different colors.

youtube doge meme


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