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CAUTION! New big fraud on Facebook! Beware of the double friends!

facebook account hackers

 CAUTION! New big fraud on Facebook! Beware of the double friends! If you arrive a Facebook friendship request from someone who is already your friend, be careful, because it is most likely to be a new Internet scam. The most popular social network Facebook spreads new scam whereby internet “thieves” can steal your password and user account, hacked to your computer and mess up your life in many ways.

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In fact , if you arrive on Facebook friendship request from a person that you already have as a friend , be careful , the profile of the person who sent you the request will look almost identical as the profile of your ” true friend “ maybe even with all the pictures and friends . That way you can easily become a target of online thieves . By accepting this friendship, you  bring a new person in your circle of friends relationship , that can result in the theft of user account or some other fraud ( by sending some message linked to or suspicious attachments ) , where the background of that linked message or attachment may be hiding some malicious code or virus that can be activate, and functioning  on the  background of your operating system .

This virus or malicious code can pick collection of your email addresses , passwords and other information from various user profiles or yours ( and you thought that you just clicked on an image or some link that was sent by your friend).

Secure facebook from hackers

Such cheaters could install virus and ( or ) keygen software to steal the password of other accounts that you have in your computer, and can hack the computer or still some of the files that are important to you and blackmail you. On this way  hacker would have access to your email and your financial data.
At issue is a new scam that is still little known, but it is always good to be careful.

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