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Free online Blog services

To live today on the Internet and share link is quite normal. Often people are amazed by some service that wanted to found earlier, but simply not appeared before my eyes. Recommendation for Internet service is just as important as that of a good book or movie. Therefore the following will recommend several internet online services that will be grouped into several categories ( first category is Blog Platforms), which could be said to be more than welcome for every Internet user.

Blog Platforms

Blogger.com – One most commonly used and certainly most blog platforms, owns by Google, hence the services offered are top. There is an opportunity to create their own or collaborative blog that you can make available publicly or save only a select group of your friends. Changing the look and options is too simple, hence decent and professional look to your blog is a challenge that is solved in a few minutes.


Blog.com – It is also another popular blog platforms based on WordPress. Like the other services, has its own share to pros and cons. For starters, many wonderful premium themes are offered for your free accounts, as well as advanced plugins that might be expected only at self-hosted blogs. However, the free service offers more than ads in compare with WordPress.com. But for a paid upgrade ads can be removed. Free storage space on blog.com is 2 GB as a basic plan.

WordPress.com – most used blog service in full force, with no start-up costs can be tried here. Overwhelming support, many gorgeous themes, accessories and additional features ( like traffic starts, SEO, anti-spam filters and more) . Of course, to fully enjoy the full power of WordPress will need to spend a few dollars on your card.  Also I had to mention that WordPress based blogs are many popular blogs — including CNN’s Political TickerPeople Magazine’s Style Watch and Flickr .

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TypePad Micro – This is another free blog service. The interface is easy to use and can be done  export and import of the contents of groups blog platforms. However, when it comes to themes that are offered, TypePad Micro won’t  satisfy even the most ordinary users. In an age  where almost all blog services offer a number of features in their free versions TypePad Micro seem to regress.

Tumblr – Is a popular and feature-packed microblogging service. Comes with many amazing and interesting features such as audio blogging (sharing of music, such as), customs free domains, thousands of wonderful themes for blogs and more.

Moreover, you can synchronize your Tumblr account with Facebook and / or Twitter so you can update your plugins for social media in one location. Tumblr also offers support for many third-party applications like Google Analytics .


LiveJournal.com – If you want to be part of a large international community of young people who gladly share their experiences LiveJournal is the right place. This service offer blogging with a touch of social networking to it. You can participate in pools, interact with other LiveJournal users  , create networks. Their collection of template is quite good, and plugins and extensions are pretty basic.

Blogeters – It’s WordPress-powered online blog service that offers a decent number of features. Free accounts can have about 140 themes, custom domain mapping and roughly 40 plugins that you can choose from. On Blogeters , ads are displayed free on all blogs, but if you want to upgrade, with the payment you can receive additional themes, plugins, 5 GB of additional storage, and the ability to remove ads.

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