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BING- Internet Search Engine commands

Bing Home Page

Searching with BING – by Microsoft

There is another search engine that has great potential for internet searching. Same as Google Browsing engine , BING also has it’s own management  command that we can give it before and after search terms. Known operations like : site:, OR, filetype:, location: and couple of more, can be meet also on Bing advanced searh  . But most interesting command that raises dust is command: linkfromdomain: 

Example: linkfromdomain:ITadvicex.com . With this operator Bing will list all the internet sites that are insert as URL links somewhere in content of this web site. Really popular operation, much known to Internet Marketing specialists , known to people who use SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) techniques, but also for ordinary people and internet users. If don’t recall to some link that is present on some web site,  than with command  linkfromdomain:  immediately you will get searched links.

Bing Linkfromdomain command

Operation contains: is favorite when you search information with digital content for downloading from internet.  Unlike command  filetype:  where searching is limited by certain type of file or data, command contains: allow results to be displayed  from internet sites that somewhere in it content  had searched file or document. Example: alphabet fonts contains:zip. Result from this example will be internet web sites that has information about alphabet  fonts packed in .zip archive with link for downloading. Same we can do with  extensions .torrent, .mp3, .avi, .pdf etc.

Bing contains command

Bing is quite younger web site search engine than Google and its possibilities yet to be affirm in the internet world wide. However any competition is welcome, especially by the users point of view.

Expansion of horizons

Today searching on internet concerns our adaptation to more and more new services for  searching and search engines  develop for information on the internet. In time we will meet large number of internet services that allows faster  approach to the information. If we want to use wealth of information  that has world wide internet network, we need to adapt to all of this changes. In the near future every internet search service will be specialist in a field that cover some specialty.

On Internet Search services we need to look as means of transport of information from place that it reside right to us. This is the way that we must figure out point of how internet universe function, and power to use their tool.

In the next article we talk about few internet search services that has some speciality – Wolfram Alpha and Blekko.

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