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Best Twitter tools for advanced twitter users

twitter tools

In this post will be present Best Twitter tools for advanced twitter users. If you are twitter user, many times you probably ask lots of question about certain issues due to twitter usage. Many of the question are “When is the best time for tweets?” “How to find people who can follow you?” “Does anyone read my tweets” and similar problems that should be addressed seriously if you want seriously rule with with Twitter. There other application that help users to use twitter securely, like app to protect tweeter on mobile devices with double verification, and many more, here are some interesting features and services for advanced twitter use. Must be noticed that some of them are free to use ( needed only registration ), and some of require to pay a fee.

Bit.ly - Although basic function is to cut the links, the service offers a variety of statistics on links that you tweet (how many times it was clicked, when it was clicked, etc.).

Retweet  - Shows you how many times someone retweet to your tweets and how many people got it when he was retweet.

Schmap  - Analyze the structure of people you follow and those that follow, on the basis of gender, profession, location etc. ..

TweetStats  - Statistics on how you use Twitter, when you most tweet, number of tweets in an hour, and retweet whom you like.

best twitter tools for advanced twitter users

When to tweet
TweetWhen  , WhenToTweetmust pay fee , Tweriod –  Services that you determine when is the best time for you to tweet to win the biggest audience.

Who to follow
WeFollow – A combination of a directory in which you can add to and search by location or topic.

Twellow  - Sort people into categories according to the content of their tweets.

Listorious – Sort by people on Twitter lists accommodating.

Klout  and Twitalyzer  - Rank the “most influential” tweeters on certain topics.

TweetBackup  , Backupify – Are just some of the services that offer backups of your tweets.

ThinkUp  is a service that makes backup activity from multiple social networks. certain topics.

All in One
Tweetdeck – What Outlook / Thunderbird are for email, it is Tweetdeck for Twitter. Spending serious resources on the computer, but it performs very good work.

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