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Application tenXer-Follow your activities through the iPhone tenXer

TenXer on iPhone feature app

Application of the day – Follow your activities through the iPhone tenXer

If you are a person that wants to monitor exactly what works and have insight into all of its activities, tenXer for iPhone is a great application for that purpose. TenXer, among other things, allows tracking of your location, so you can determine exactly how much time you spent at work.

To use this application, you need to register, which you can do after installing the application. However, if you want to add more information and links to your profiles on social networking sites, you must go to the web site tenXer .


By default, the application follows one of your activities, which is the time spent at work. The beginning is necessary only to note where your workplace, and the rest of the application. While other activities necessary to add themselves. There is also a possibility for automatic monitoring of activities, and to get the settings from station icon in the upper right corner. TenXer is a free application and you can download from the App Store .