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Android is the king of mobile devices, but also King of malicious software

Android King of the smartphone

But although Android has dominated 80 percent of all portable devices on the market , but there are even greater dominance in cases of malicious software . Only 97 percent of malware attacks that come from mobile platforms Android, yet only 0.1 percent of these come from Google Play, according to research by F-Secure. In 2013 the number of different types of malware that attacks Android grew from 238 to even 804, and except for Android, F-Secure found 7 new threats for Symbian. Blackberry OS, iOS and Windows Phone does not show modifications or new types of threats .

Mobile Threats by type 3rd quarter 2013

Interestingly, most of the detected infected devices coming from Saudi Arabia, even 42 percent, followed by India with 33 percent, followed by U.S. and Finland with 5 percent. On The four Chinese Android markets, 10 percent of applications are infected with malware, and Google Play is on last place with 0.1 percent. F-Secure still conclude that probable cause of these is that Google immediately remove these applications from the market. The Google Play entry in as much as possible of the Android market will cause a reduction in the risk of malicious software.

android malware detections mobile threats 2013 by country

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