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Android is the king of mobile devices, but also King of malicious software

Android King of the smartphone

Android is the King of mobile devices, but also King of malicious software. Android – Google’s operating system has won the global mobile market with now over 81 percent performance, or 211.6 million Android phones shipped in the third quarter of 2013. Competitive iOS had a slight decline of 12.9 percent with 33.8 million devices shipped, followed by Windows Phone with 3.6 percent and 0.6 percent with BlackBerry. Although with noticeable saturation in sales, however the market of smart phones increased by 39.9 percent. According to analysts , Android manages to rule the market because of Google’s strategy to work with different producers and vendors who continually publish new smart devices that run the Android platform and Android apps. But although Android going forward , most manufacturers are struggling with sales . Samsung is overwhelmingly the most powerful of that market with 39.9 percent of the total shipments of Android phones , while others are single digits .

Although Apple recorded record in supplied phones for the third quarter, but iOS has reduced market share mainly because they are waiting for the iOS 7 new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C phones. Windows Phone meanwhile is driven forward mainly by Nokia which has 93.2 percent of the total Windows Phone market.

smartphone OS 3rd quarter 2013

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