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Android Auto by Google makes Car dashboard into Mobile device

Android Auto Google maps

Google has introduced a system that will provide better connectivity and safer use of Android smartphone devices and useful applications in the car.  Android Auto is a response to Apple CarPlay and is based on the latest version of Android which arrives in the fall.  The system has been designed and is similar to the standard Android interface with simplified interface less distraction of attention while driving. 
Google optimize controls and commands that can be read on the display of a multimedia system in the car, the driver safer and better way to use the applications and services that are available.

Android Auto Google Maps API

For the same reason it is provided the option of using Google Now voice commands for more content and features, such as Google Maps Navigation, sending SMS messages, apps like Google Play Music and others.

Also, while driving the driver can use voice commands that can set different reminders that will be available on his smartphone when you leave the vehicle. So this mean that Android Auto by Google makes Car dashboard into Mobile device.

VIDEO: See the brief presentation of Google Android Auto system:

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