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How to do Advanced Internet Browsing with GOOGLE search engine

google search

With exact phrase ( „search some exact phrase“ ) that we type between Double quotes in the search field, Google will give us only results that contain that sentence. That allows us to find headline part of the text that can be find in exact context in the web page. Terms or words that we want Google to bypass trough searching we write with hyphen-minus ( – ) in front of the word. Example: city – Chicago, Google will give us results of cities, but will remove results that contain Chicago. With hyphen-minus in front we can type as many words as we want, with goal to filter the results more precise.

Asterisk (*) allows us to fulfill empty spaces in the sentence for we don’t know exact term. Example: Basketball team * plays with Chicago *. Google result will give us already fulfill sentences with words instead of asterisk. Asterisk in case of Google replace all words, don’t replace half of word or part of the word. If we need information by exact web page and we want Google to give us results only from that web page, then we use syntax “site: www.youtube.com “. This is maybe one of the most used operations that are in the reach arsenal of Google algorithms. It is especially useful by those web pages that does not have build web search options.

OR is one of the most interesting operations for searching. Example: Chicago Bulls Champions 1990 OR 1991 OR 1992. If we put years 1991,1992,1993 without OR between them, Google will assume that all of that information must exist on same web page, and we won’t have correct information. Thanks to “OR” Google will give us results about year that championships title happened for Chicago Bulls.

This are most used tricks and options for Google Advanced Searching, more still to come in the some ov the next posts. I wish you easy and fast internet searching.