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6 Life hacks for secure and strong password

secure password tips

To protect your own digital life , you need to have a strong and secure password , and the methods presented here will help in its creation . Besides recommendations for choosing a strong and safe password , you need to abide by certain principles and concepts to protect your digital presence.
This project is supported by the company Intel, and its main goal is the safety of the internet . The ideas and examples are described in the video that follows below, actually are practical tips that will help you how to set up passwords , and easier to remember long and complicated passwords . It’s all about making not password, but pass phrase that you can easily remember, using letters as well as numbers and special characters.

Strong and Secure Password recomended

However, a strong password does not guarantee 100 percent security , because there are many people in different ways may disclose your personal information . But these methods are presented in the first line of defense of your data online .

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