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5 Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

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The popular social network processing and sharing of photos – Instagram, an analysis how photos that users posts, to get more likes. This follows since concluded that many users feel uncomfortable when they do not Like any of the published photos, and for making of this analysis, the company has hired Curalate The leading analytics & marketing suite , has technology that analyzes photos pixel by pixel and then follow how photos are shared online.

Likes on Instagram are much appreciated, but it is difficult to reach them. Almost 65 percent of Instagram photos have between 0 and 10 likes.

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Here are directions for collecting more likes:

1 – Shoot the objects with your SmartPhone in blue. They insure up to 24 percent more likes compared to photos that dominate the red and orange color.

2 – The light photos get up to 24 percent more likes than those with dark shades.


instagram smartphone

3 – Photos with desaturated colors receive 18 percent more likes than those with strong colors. This means that black and white photos will attract more interest than the strong, “impressive” colors.

4 – Leave part of the background of the images to get more likes. Photos shooted close-up that does not reveal much of the surrounding area may look interesting, but not attract likes. Those who have 90 percent of the background is very successful.

5 - Catch texture. Pictures that have texture to have 79 percent more likes.

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