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28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 4)

Advanced Control Panel

Tip 26 – Fast Exit – Run, Windows, Run

Don’t forget to lock your system before taking break, just use the combinations by pressing Windows Button + L ( in the same time ). This way nobody will not have access on your system without entering your password. For fast access and starting some applications by using RUN command, just press Windwos Button + R.

Tip 27 – System Restore – Uncovered and Clear

Using System Restore in earlier versions of Windows were very unclear. No applications were shown with the recorded restore point. Lucky this inconsistency in Windwos 7 is fixed. Right click on Computer, select Properties, then System Protection, then System REstore and next, and here you can choose restore point which you like to use. Click on button Scan for affected programs and Windows will show which drivers and applications would be erased or getting back by activationg that restore point.

System Restore

Tip 28 – Advanced DeFragmentation

There is lots of tool with which you can make defragmentation on the disk, but now advanced defragmentation you can do with native tool for defragmentation in Windows 7, which offers configuring trough command line. To do do this, click on Start, then Run, type CMD. It will open command prompt. Here process of defragmentation you can activate if you type command defrag , then using switches like: defrag /r to defragment more disks at once, defrag /A for performing analysis, /v for print verbose output, /w will defragment all. For example: command : defrag C: /A /w will make analysis and defragment all C:\ disk.

Defrag command

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