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28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 4)

Advanced Control Panel

We continue with tips for faster and stable Operating System Windows right away:

Tip 22 – Faster Service

Windows Task Manager ( activate by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete all at once ), or right click on taskbar and start task manager, is great tool which shows active processes, and open applications. Here you can end the process, end application task, view CPU % Usage, PF % ( Memory ) Usage. But if you want little advanced options and more details about active processes you can use tool Microsoft Process  Explorer, which you can find system bottlenecks with.

Tip 23 – Indexing

Option for indexing documents and files allows Windows Search rapidly faster to search trough the documents and that is quite OK. But same process of indexing know to slow down the system. That why make the compromise. Don’t turn off indexing, but regulate by your needs. Open Control Panel, then choose Indexing Options, it will show dialog window, on which you can choose which files and types of documents you want to be indexed.

Tip 24 – Pure Startup

If you notice that your system starting very slow, it is good time to clean it up. Click on the window button and in the search field type msconfig. Will show System Configuration Utility. Open the Startup tab and you will see which processes are loading during the system startup. If you notice that there are processes and applications that you don’t need to startup automaticly, just disable it ( uncheck).

msconfig tool

Tip 25 – Better Sharing

To have better view what you share on your computer with other computers on the network,use the tool Computer Management (Right click on My Computer icon and click manage,or go to Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer Management ).
Open the Shared Folders option and here you will view all shared folders that you have enabled on your computer, reporting about which sessions are established, and which files are opened. You can also unshare the folder if you don’t want to share that folder anymore.

Shared Folders

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