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28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 3)

Control panel

Tip 19 – Fast screen shot

It happens that on your system shows popup window with error. Instead to write the error massage, you can take fast screen shot by pressing Print Screen (PrtScrn) button, which is positioned in the upper part of the keyboard from the right side, or by pressing combination fn + PrtScrn on Laptops. With this action you take shot of the all desktop. Then use Paint or some other Picture Editor application to make Paste. Save the picture as file. If you want to take shoot only on the Active Window use combination Ctrl, Alt and PrintScreen.

Tip 20 – Make ShortCut

You can make shortcut of any program, file or folder, to place it on desktop for faster action. Right click the icon on any application or file, choose Properties. From the menu open Shorcut tab. Here you can make your own shortcut with which you can start your application or file. You can even choose different icon, by your wish.

Make Shortcut

Tip 21 – Take Control ( good old Control Panel )

Good Old Control Panel simply give view on all elements ( options ) that serve for maintaining operating system. On Windows XP and Vista you can go here by clicking Start Button, then Control Panel, and to select Classic View. In Windows 7, from the drop down menu, select View and choose the option that you want to view, Large or Small Icons. Handling with all  the option here is recommended if you know what you want to do, many of them are for advanced user, especially Administrative Tools which are intended for administrators and advanced users.

Control Panel


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