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28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 3)

Control panel

And again here are the tips of the day, for everyday day working with the Windows OS ( especially Windows7):

Tip 15 – Unobtrusive Windows Update

One of the more important thing that keep Operating System in good health is regular downloading of updates. But this sometimes is very difficult and annoying. That’s way in Updates configuration choose Download updates but let me choose whether to install them. To get to this option click on Windows Button and type Windows update. On this way you can do the update on the end of the working day, instead of restarting computer in the middle of work.

Windows Update

Tip 16 – Change the Taskbar

You can do your own customize taskbar. Just right click on Taskbar and choose Properties, and move to the option which allows you to switch to the old Start menu, and to choose which icons to shows up in the notifications field.

Taskbar Properties

 Tip 17 – File on the daylight ( show hidden files )

In Windows Explorer click on Tool, then on Folder Options and on the view bar  under hidden files and folders choose Show hidden files and folders. This is the way you can view all the files and documents, also you can view system files as well, but you have to be careful, because this way you can do something wrong to the system files, which is not good at all. If you are not advanced user, and you don’t understand what those hidden files does, maybe better idea is to leave this options checked ( show hidden files and folders ).

Tip 18 – Partition C:\ , Partition D:\ , Partition E:\ …..

Sometimes it is good idea to partition hard disk drive on couple of partitions. On first partition you can install operating system and applications you would use, on the second partition you can keep your everyday working data, your favorite music, your videos… And maybe on the thrd partition you can keep you important data, documents, files… This is sometimes good idea, because if the System goes down for any reason,and you did not make Restore Point , to recover your System in earlier time, or you did not make System Repair Disc, to recover system at all, only solution is to reinstall your operating system. You can reinstall on first partition Windows, but data, files, music, videos and other thigs remain in the other partitions untouched.

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