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28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 2)


Tip 11 – Change the Theme

Windows 7 comes with package of Aero themes with really good design. which are package of desktop backgrounds, sounds and pallet of color. To change current Aero theme click on Windows Button, in the search field type theme and click on Change the Theme. Here you will see themes that are already preinstalled. You can download different themes trough the link Get more themes online.

Windows7 Aero Themes

This link go to large collection of branded themes with manual for creating your one customizing themes.

Tip 12 – Fast  switching trough active applications (Alt and Tab keys combination)

This another options I think that is very useful, I use it a lot. Press  Alt and then holding Alt key press Tab to switch from one active windows to another active window without touching mouse at all, press Tab as many times as you like to get to the open windows you like. when you are in you desired window ( applications ) raise your finger from Alt and Tab key. This is the oldest and sweeping best shortcut in Windows, which saves lots of time.

Tip 13 – Fast switching trough Windows on single application

Another useful combination is to press Ctrl and then Tab to switch between different windows in one application ( most useful on open windows on web browser – no matter if it Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox ) and other applications of similar type.  Although this is very useful option, it is overwhelmingly the most underestimated shortcut.

Tip 14 – If you do not want to search, then type!

If you do not want to dig trough the menus and search for applications, you can access it on very simple way. Press the Window Button and in the search field type Calculator, or Control Panel or just part of the name of the applications, let say note and it will show notepad, and only thing you have to do is to press Enter, and applications will start. Windows 7 had very powerful indexing capability.

Windows7 Search App

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