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11 Android apps that you must have

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No matter how regularly you use your smart phone for that purpose use, you can always enrich with a new application. Although Android phones already come with preinstalled applications, however Google Play abounds with over 800,000 other apps, some interesting, some boring, some that just have to have.

Any.DO is a free application for quickly and easily creating notes and to-do list. Whether you do or reminder list for market, this application will allow you to quickly and simply create a list of tasks. Notes you can share with your friends or co-workers, and a few days, Any.DO added option that will make you do your.


Pocket  e free reader that allows creating ultimate and fully personalized lists for later reading various news online. All the news you want to read later, you can save by Pocket, and later to read through any of your devices.


Dolphin Browser  is a web browser that certainly is developed and known as Chrome and Firefox, but it contains all the features you need to surf the internet. The application can create their own movements and thus control the application, syncing with Google Bookmarks, and supports a range of accessories.


Airdroid  is an application for Android that will allow you to manage your smart phone, directly through your browser. This application will allow you many useful things via Wi-Fi connection, while mobile and computer are on the same network, you should have no problem joining.
What exactly offers Airdroid? Many features, like useful things such as viewing your calls, reading and replying to messages. Especially useful thing for those who have small screens, is exactly the option of sending messages.


Airdroid has wonderful music interface through which you can download music to your phone, upload new songs or stream music from your phone directly to your computer. Not that is something new, but Wi-Fi synchronization will save you from connecting cables and transfer files.  It is possible and edit your contacts ringtone, and edit your application. However, if you decide to delete an application, the process would have to approve via your phone. Airdroid enables easy viewing of photos you have on your Android phone, there is an opportunity to view the videos.

Airdroid is free and you can download it from Google Play.

SnapPea is another similar application Airdroid that “declare” as the application date. Free, and will allow you to quickly organize your apps, contacts, multimedia, and download apps and other content.

TuneIn  will allow listening to myriad radio stations around the world. Besides offering more than 70,000 different radio stations and more than 2 million podcasts, TuneIn allows syncing with TuneIn.com.


Viber e quick, easy and free exchange of messages, photos and audio calls. Recommended if you have people who regularly interact with it would save a lot if you have free calls. It connects via Wi-Fi.

SnapSeed  is a free application for photo processing. Besides offering a full range of filters, the application you can correct mistakes and how bad color balance, whilst working only on a part of the picture.


Avast! Free Mobile Security  e free anti-virus program that nevertheless offers protection from viruses and different malicious intruders, allows deleting data from your device remotely. Is useful if you have sensitive data, your device over the side arms.

Google Keep – Though rather late to the party, Google Keep focuses on quick note-taking and record-keeping of snapshots. Its design is like between Post-It notes and Google’s own flagship card UI, meaning it’s clean and easy to use. If you’re invested in the Google ecosystem, then this is one to keep an eye on.

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Evernote  e excellent application for all those who want to be organized. Besides the creation of notes and making to-do lists, Evernote offers reading of texts from photos. Offers synchronisation with other devices.


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